Focus Factor Review – Kids Brain Health Supplement

Kids are meant to be playful and active but only up to a certain degree. There are times when they are supposed sit still, be focused and listen to instructions. If you are having trouble in keeping your kids focused and attentive, you may need to have them on a brain health supplement such as Focus Factor.

What is Focus Factor?

focus factor

Focus Factor for kids is a brain health supplement that contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3s to improve memory, concentration and focus. It is product of Nutrition Labs, LLC. At the moment, Focus Factor needs to prove its manufacturer’s name and worth. In an industry where customers rely on trust, Nutrition Labs, LLC has to have a company website where potential customers can get the feel for their company.

Focus Factor needs to give their customer at least a semblance of a webpage where they can go to for inquiries, complaints and whatever demands.

Any product that involves kids will have to provide something more than self-serving and self-promoting marketing phrases.

Is it effective?

Like any product, Focus Factor review have stated both good and bad comments concerning its effectiveness.

But, does Focus Factor work?

While customer reviews help, customers cannot just rely on what other customers say about the product. In most cases, there is even much doubt if what’s presented come from real customers.
The public cannot also just rely on what the company says about their product. Even in the absence of malice and self-emulation, manufacturers will have that innocent favoritism for their own products. Why sell anything if you know deep in your heart that it’s not the best?

  • The only objective and relevant way of answering the question of effectiveness is through your actual experience with the product, how it is able to deliver the benefits it has promised.
  • Focus Factor does not offer any opportunity for you to try them out unless you are ready to part with your hard earned dollars to gamble on their product’s claims.
  • It is quite suspicious why other brain health supplements like Focus Formula can give a one year return policy while Focus Factor cannot even give a month’s guarantee.
  • It’s a bit unrealistic for Nutrition Labs, LLC to just assume that the public will be ready to put their money on the line for their product solely based on what they say it can do.
  • If Nutrition Labs, LLC is so confident about their Focus Factor then, they should be able to give some form of guarantee with the sale. We don’t like to think that the company is only relying on good sales pitches and easy customers to survive.

What’s in it?

Focus factor contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3. There is no doubt that Focus Factor ingredients are good for the body. However, it is still a mystery on how the combination of these ingredients can help provide the promises they are selling.

The long list of ingredients is all impressive, perhaps too impressive for comfort. The list of vitamins in Focus Factor can already compete with any comprehensive multi-vitamin supplement.
This brings us to a very serious concern. Will it deliver what it promises or, did they just put everything they could in every tablet with the hope that it will produce any kind of benefit.

Is it safe?

Aside from the natural vitamins and minerals, it is surprising why the product also contains chemicals like chromium, copper, manganese, selenium and molybdenum metals. Again, it’s a mystery what these can do aside from creating the possibility of heavy metal toxicity for excessive dosages.

Given that they did not invest much on creating a reliable company image, a comprehensive presentation of their philosophy and healing objectives, it is self-destructive to include such harmful ingredients in the list.

Before this safety issue, people could still keep tuned and try to research on the product’s viability. But with these possible health dangers, the public could close the book on Focus Factor entirely and permanently.

What are the side effects?

Based on the reviews posted in the seller sites, some have reported to have developed gastric discomforts. Positive reviews state that there were some signs of beneficial effects but were delayed in their manifestation.

How much does it cost?

  • A 150-tablet bottle costs $22.99 from a previous retail price of $38.99. In another store it’s only $15.99. The order comes with free shipping.
  • You can purchase Focus Factor in Amazon and Costco websites through any of the major credit cards.
  • At this point, it doesn’t really matter how much it costs because there is still a chance that it could be a waste of money. Even just a dollar for something that cannot deliver is a waste.
  • The situation of having ununiformed pricing gives one much reason to doubt what’s inside the tablets. If what’s inside is worth anything then, there should be at least a definite price that will make the product sustainable. Unless, what’s inside is just hot air and a sale for any amount will already be substantial.

Is Focus Factor for you?

If you have a friend who has been using Focus Factor on his children and have been getting satisfactory results from it then, that could be a good reason for trying Focus Factor as it is one of the most affordable brain health supplement in the market. As the price of the product varies, who knows, if you keep on searching the web, you might even come across a price that’s lower than $15.99.

If a testimonial from a friend regarding the benefits of Focus Factor is unavailable then, you are better off placing your money on Focus Formula which can give a one year money back guarantee for their version of the brain health supplement that have the same claims.

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Nootropics for Anxiety – Memory and Cognition Enhancement

Nootropic supplements are known to have a number of effects on the body of a human being. Some of the effects include reasoning, memory, cognition enhancement, and importantly, learning. Additionally, many of the compounds that are in these nootropics are also known to have implications on a person’s mood.

Many people take nootropics for anxiety and this has helped them in addressing issues that are related to neurochemical causes and anxiousness. Anxiolytic nootropics are very significant since they can help you in mood improvement, bring a feeling of relaxation, and reduce the impact of shyness and social anxiety.

The nootropic drugs you take greatly depends on the kind of results that you want to achieve and the particular type of anxiety you are going through. In the following discussion we are going to look at the various types of nootropics ( that can be used for anxiety and mood enhancement, and the way in which they work.

Mood Enhancer Power Pack

This is a very good example of a nootropic that can effectively improve your mood in the best way possible. A mood enhancer power pack improves your mood by use of various components including 5-HTP, Mucuna pruriens, L-theanine, phenibut and importantly valerian root. These components have various effects to the body in as much as mood and anxiety is concerned.

5-HTP is known to improve one’s mood as long proper medication and prescription is done. With effective use of the drug, it doesn’t have side effects as many people believe. 5-HTP is directly known to bring an effect of a serotonin precursor and significantly neurotransmitter mood regulation.

Mucuna pruriens
This nootropic is commonly known to be having a standardized L-dopa that is normally stands at around 15%. This nootropic has been used for centuries by many people because of its effect as an anti-anxiety drug, and it has brought many effects related to mood improvement. L-dopa is known to be a direct precursor to another neurotransmitter for mood regulation called dopamine.

This is another of anxiolytic nootropic that has been known for a long time to have positive effects in as much as regulation of mood is concerned. Some of the things that it can do include reducing the stress hormone, minimizing cortisol and improving mood.

Phenibut (10g)
This is a unique type of anxiolytic nootropic that works by ensuring that your brain blood barriers are eliminated. Phenibut works closely with supplements such as the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which has an additional phenyl ring that makes the above process possible. Phenibut is known to offer protection against stress and minimizes anxiety.

Valerian root
This drug is well known to do a couple of very important things. It is known to reduce obsessive symptoms, and anxiety to a larger extent. Valerian root enhances mood by using signals that come from the neurotransmitter GABA. It’s one of the most powerful known mood-enhancing supplements, if your mood can be improved by supplements.

Nootropic all-star pack
This is one of the most powerful and most recognized enhancers for cognition. It is a combination of a number of supplements such as alpha GPC, noopept, and sulbutiamine, which you can all get at reduced prices. The anxiolytic nootropic is loved by many people since it boosts their health status and importantly it is very powerful in enhancing cognition. Some of the compositions of the drug that it closely works with include:

This is a supplement that is metabolically recognized by the body. When taken, the body converts it into modafinil. It is very important in enhancing your mood, but mostly it is prescribed to boost attentiveness and boost cognition.

This is also a potent supplement. It is meant to enhance your memory development and improve your mood.

Alpha GPC
This is one of the well-renowned and effective ways to enhance your cognition. It works well while in the form of choline.

The supplement is a member of the racetam cognitive enhancers. It works by enhancing the permeability of the blood brain barrier, therefore reducing the effects of barriers