Want to lose 5 pounds quickly? Follow these 10 steps!

We all want to lose 5 kilos quickly . Fortunately it is possible with the right commitment and help. We help you on your way with this step-by-step plan. For the best result and long-term maintenance of your goal weight, it is important that you perform the following steps well.

Losing 5 kilos and maintaining your goal weight for a long time is done through a combination of healthy food and enough exercise. According to the experts, about 70% of the distribution consists of food and 30% of sports. The step-by-step plan that we have compiled for this article also has the same relationship. That means that you get 7 steps to work on your diet and 3 steps to help you get started with training your abs. That way you can lose 5 kilos quickly and enjoy a flat stomach .

Quickly lose 5 kilos with the right food

1. Improve your metabolism

Your metabolism is a very important factor if you want to lose 5 kilos . While you are not doing anything, your metabolism is burning energy, so a faster and better metabolism causes more combustion. And that ensures that you can quickly lose 5 kilos. To improve your metabolism you need to eat light meals (for example a salad) and vary a lot. Because the meals are light, your body can burn the substances quickly and easily. It is also very important to vary a lot in your meals, this stimulates your metabolism and keeps it active at a higher pace.

2. Supplement your diet with the right supplements

Many people are not familiar with supplements or do not know exactly what kind of supplements they need. Because there is so much uncertainty in that area we come to the rescue. You can always ask us your questions via e-mail, but to help you get started right away, we have only selected the best supplements in the web shop so that you can make a choice more easily. The objective in this article is to lose 5 kilos, for this we recommend this product: “24hr fatburn” . Also take a look at all weight loss products on Body and Fit.

3. Change your choice to (alcoholic) drinks

Enough drinking is important, so important that it is automatically in the human system. Because you drink so much during a whole day, this also has a lot of influence on your weight. In the many drinks and soft drinks is unwise a lot of sugar, you do not need that much sugar and this is all converted into fats that barely or not burn. It is best to only drink water all day long, in the morning a fresh fruit juice for the vitamins is of course good for you, but do not drink this type of juice all day because there are also a lot of sugars in it. If you want to lose 5 kilos quickly, you should also avoid alcohol. Most alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugars and other superfluous substances, often they are also mixed with a sugar bomb as a cola, which makes it difficult to lose weight.

4. Don’t forget the most important substances

Many people think that they lose 5 kilos quickly by eating little to nothing. However, that is not true, it is very important that you continue to receive the right substances. Without the right substances your body cannot function optimally and your fat burning process therefore works much less well. The most important substances are: Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants and fibers. On the food packaging you can see what percentage of the daily amount is in a portion. This way you know roughly whether you get enough of these substances. Do you still have the idea that you get too little of these substances? Then you can, for example, use nutritional supplements as an aid.

5. Enjoy, but eat in moderation

The popular drink slogan “enjoy, but drink in moderation” also applies well to food. If you want to lose 5 kilos, you can do this by adjusting your eating habits. Do not eat more than necessary, so do not go for an extra plate of dinner as standard.

6. Eat protein-rich food

The best way to get energy and still lose 5 pounds is with a protein-rich diet. Proteins stimulate metabolism and provide enough energy. Avoid as many carbohydrates as possible. Because they ensure a low metabolism so you burn almost nothing and that does not really help with losing 5 pounds of course. Can you not get proteins from your diet or would you not know what is and what is not good for you? Then view these protein shakes .

7. Lower your daily calorie intake

Your body needs a certain number of calories per day to function properly. You can see this as gasoline for your car. You just need an X number of liters to drive Y kilometers. Your body also needs an X number of calories to get through Y hours. When you lose weight, your body becomes smaller, and that means that the more you lose, the less calories you need to get through the day. Less fuel is also in the tank of a small car than in a truck.

Losing 5 kilos due to the right exercise

1. Get started seriously

Doing a few abs exercises occasionally is not enough. Make sure you have a tight schedule and stick to it. With the right combinations of exercises and a good abdominal exercises schedule you are already well on your way to losing 5 pounds.

2. More daily exercise

These days it’s all just a little too easy to be lazy. You can change the TV channel from your chair, your food is delivered to your home, you take the car or public transport to work where you then sit all day in a chair and if you can choose between the stairs and the elevator you you can say “lose 5 pounds” the lift button has already been pressed. If this sounds recognizable, it is high time that you change this. Do you want to lose 5 kilos quickly? From now on you get up to move the TV channel, you walk to the supermarket to do your own shopping, you go to work by bike and you walk to the water tower in the office more often than your boss wants and even if you are at 10 high, the lift is no longer an option for you! In short, make sure you get more daily exercise, here is the biggest difference with humanity in the past, in the past you had to move. And you could see that too, at least I have never seen a cave painting of a fatter person.

3. Train your abs regularly

More muscles burn more energy, a stronger engine in a car also slurps more gasoline. The core of the body (abdomen) is used most often daily. Make sure you train your abs well to turn it into a heavy motor that uses more calories.

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